Ca' Pesaro

Ca' Pesaro

THE LEADING THREAD. An Exhibition/Installation by Federica Marangoni

Exhibition / Installation

An Exhibition/Installation by Federica Marangoni

from May 8 to September 15, 2015
Venice, Ca’ Pesaro – International Gallery of Modern Art


A thread of light, the “main theme” in cracked red neon always in motion, is the thread of Federica Marangoni’s life and emotions. From May, 8 at Ca’ Pesaro, the Venetian artist proposes for “Muve Contemporaneo” – the packed exhibitions programme organised by the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia in conjunction with the Venice Art Biennale– an impressive and spectacular exhibition/installation.

A red rivulet of energy and blood – specially visible at night – sharply divides the white façade of Ca’ Pesaro, from the roof almost down to the water of the Grand Canal, where it encounters a technological Venus, a gigantic spool made from a slender and ephemeral plate of glass on whose axis it winds.

From the façade to the Museum’s interior, where in the andron on the ground floor, two “rooms” are connected and marked by this red thread which becomes a rivulet of blood running through a mass of barbed wire, symbolizing the “drama of humanity”: “IS NOT A GOOD DAY TO BE HUMAN” appears behind a beggar and the mass of barbed wire, while disturbing images of printing machines and magazines move across at the rate of a heartbeat.

This “block” of barbied wire continues in the next room, through a wide open passage, where is projected the video TOLERANCE IN TOLERANCE, which proposes a sequence of an hundred of dramatic images.

These are typical signs of Federica Marangoni’s work, which speaks of the individual’s freedom and the chaos in which humanity struggles.

Main sponsor: Leucos


Curator Gabriella Belli