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Ca' Pesaro


Works on display

BACK in BLACK presents a series of works in which the sensory interest in form is never separated from the symbolic or metaphorical level.

Forms and meanings refer to each other, dialoguing and developing, through sculpture, video performance and photography, in an evocative setting that alludes to the Zeitgeist, the spirit of the times we are living through. A spirit of darkness, between war, economic crisis, ecological disasters, populism and “videocracy”. A “return to black” as a chromatic metaphor of our contemporaneity, which stimulates reflections necessary to discover and perhaps even modify the characteristics of the world in which we live.

Works on display:

Rivoluzioni, video dvd, 6 min. loop

Enlightenments, forged iron, cast, ground, frosted glass, cm 65x40x13

Blade, ground glass, forged iron stand, cm 80x25x25

B[æ]d Time, sculpture, cast, ground, frosted black glass, treated velvet pillow, cm 122x 44×5

Accumulo, ground glass, rubber, cm 110x35x35

Celata, two sculptures, blown, cast, frosted red and black glass, cm 44x35x30

Cross Shoots, wall sculpture, cast ground, frosted glass, painted wood, metal screws, cm 180x100x7

Damòsseno, dittico print b/n, cm 82×58 cad.