Ca' Pesaro

Ca' Pesaro

CULTURE CHANEL. The woman who reads




Guided tours for Schools and Adults



Secondary school (2nd cycle), University and adults

For the 7th chapter of CULTURE CHANEL, “The woman who reads” evokes Gabrielle Chanel in the context of her relationship to literature. Decrypted and exhibited for the first time, her library reveals an avid reader. Starting from a system of sensitive analogies, the exhibition, imagined by Jean-Louis Froment,highlights this relationship to writing and its interactions with the CHANEL style. Books, dedications, photographs, paintings, drawings and art objects from her Parisianapartment, along with jewelry and fragrances together resonate with a wardrobe of fashion creations by Karl Lagerfeld, and unveil like a library, Gabrielle Chanel’s vocabulary, which continues to be constantly enriched.

Duration: 2 hours