Ca' Pesaro

Ca' Pesaro



Ca’ Pesaro, International Gallery of Modern Art
From September 1st 2012 to January 13th 2013

Two big masters of Contemporary Art, eminent representatives of the last generation of Gruppo Zero, never presented together in a museum exhibition, Günther Uecker / Enrico Castellani meet again after fifty years in this show organized  in the prestigious space of Cà Pesaro, International Gallery of Modern Art in Venice.   The exhibition proposes a selection of some of the most important historical works together with more recent ones.

Co-produced by Fondazione Musei Civici, Venice and Fondazione Mudima,  Milan, curated by Davide Di Maggio and Lóránd Hegyi, the exhibition proposes a particular comparison between two different artistic contexts, the Italian and the German one:  two models of a systematic, conceptual and sensorial art.

Enrico Castellani exposes about twenty works among the most revealing and important of his career up to some most recent works. As many works will be presented by Günther Uecker, dated since 1960.

Two books edited for the exhibition, one for each artist, published by Fondazione Mudima in Milan and Fondazione Musei Civici in Venice will be presented at the opening.


Co-production with the Fondazione Mudima-Milano
Curators: Lóránd Hegyi e Davide Di Maggio