Ca' Pesaro

Ca' Pesaro

Exhibition AFRICA 1:1


Five African artists at Ca’ Pesaro

20 May – 1 October 2023
Venice, Ca’ Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art
Ground floor and Project room

In collaboration with AKKA Project and Africa First by Serge Tiroche


The Museum welcomes the work of five artists from the African art scene as guest resident artists in Venice during the spring of 2023, where they will interact with the gallery’s history and collections.

The exhibition AFRICA 1:1 is the result of a project brought forward by AKKA Project, Africa First and Ca’ Pesaro which, in the spirit of the 18th Architecture Biennale, created AFRICA 1:1 LAB, Artists Residency Program, an artist residency project that has brought five young African artists to experience the vibrant Venetian artistic environment and, at the same time, to offer their personal creative contribution to the city, which is preparing for the 18th Architecture Biennale’s Laboratory of the Future, curated by Lesley Lokko.

Through the study of the Gallery’s history, of the original documents and artists’ works in the permanent collection, the five artists-in-residence constructed new dialogues with the city’s visual tradition and with the history of the palazzo on the Grand Canal.

Contemporary African art thus enters the spaces of the Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna with Option Nyahunzvi (n. 1992 Zimbabwe), Pamela Enyonu (n. 1985 Uganda), Alexandre Kyungu (n. 1992 DRC), Boniface Maina (n.1987 Kenya) and Ngugi Waweru (n. 1987 Kenya).