Ca' Pesaro

Ca' Pesaro

MARCELLO MORANDINI. Art, Architecture, Design.

Il percorso


1. Longhena’s Entrance Hall – ART
A selection of structures and sculptures designed from 1972 to 2008, from both the artist’s and private Italian collections, are exhibited in this spacious prestigious hall. The exhibition layout was designed by Morandini himself and consists in a series of parallel panels that both separate and enhance what is being exhibited from the actual architecture of the hall, without having to intervene and be forced to exhibit the works of art against the walls, thus allowing complete freedom of circulation for the visitors and the use of the space for related activities.

2 – 3. Lateral rooms – DESIGN
These two extremely rational small side rooms are reached via the main hall and are dedicated to the most important examples of design products, mostly in reference to everyday life, partly recreating a real interior living area, with furnishings and fittings.

4. Room behind the courtyard – ARCHITECTURE
The room behind the courtyard is dedicated to geometrical architectural projects and examples of architecture in Italy, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia, including drawings, structures, projects, models and photographs. As a whole, the exhibition is characterised by the concept of “works, ideas and products” of architecture. Most of the design sector can also call itself architecture of everyday life.