Ca' Pesaro

Ca' Pesaro

MARCELLO MORANDINI. Art, Architecture, Design.

Marcello Morandini


MARCELLO MORANDINI was born in Mantua on 15 May 1940.

1947. His family moves to Varese.

1959-1964. Attends the Accademia della Brera in Milan, producing his first works of sculpture.

1967. Invited to exhibit at the 9th Biennale of Modern Art in Sao Paolo (Brazil).

1968. A room in the Italian Pavilion at the 34th Venice Biennale is dedicated to his work.

1972. First retrospective at the Kesternergeselleschaft in Hanover. This marks the beginning of a long-running collaboration with German museums, galleries and industries.

1974. Designs a 30-metre piazza for the INA shopping centre in Varese.

1997. Invited to exhibit at Documenta 6 (Kassel).

1982-1990. Collaborates with the Miraglia Architectural Studio (Varese) and the Ong&Ong Studio in Singapore on various important projects, including the 38-floor Goldhill Centre.

1964. Invited to Japan, where he works with various architectural studios and universities, as well as on exhibitions at a number of museums. In Germany, he designs the 200-metre façade of Thomas Porcelain Works in Speichersdorf.

1987. Designs the new Rosenthal Office Building at Selb.

1991. In Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) designs a 34-floor shopping-centre. The Museum fur Konkrete Kunst (Ingolstadt) commissions him to produce a large sculpture to stand outside its building.

1993. First major retrospective of his work in the fields of art and design, held at the Die Neue Sammlung (Munich), the Hack Museum (Ludwigshafen) and the Palacio Galveias (Lisbon).

1994. A member of the Jury at the Design Zentrum (Essen).

1995-1997. Teaches Art and Design at the Salzburg Zommer Akademie.

1997-2201. Teaches Art and Design at the Ecole Cantonal in Lausanne. For three years is President of the Museo Internazionale del Design Ceramico at Cerro di Laveno.

1998. Maria Barisi bears him a daughter, Maria Enza. Henceforth his work focuses more on Varese.

2000. Retrospective at the Varese Museo Civico.

2001. Together with Maria Teresa Barisi, founds the design publishing centre, Marienza.

2002. Retrospective at the Quadrat Josef Albers in Bottrop, which purchases a large sculpture to stand at its entrance.

2003. Teaches at the Milan Accademia della Brera. In Switzerland holds lessons at the HEAA School of Watch Design at La Chaux De Fonds, as well as heading the Plauen Sommer Akademie project dedicated to the redevelopment of the Martin Luther Park. Is President of the Associazione Liberi Artisti in Varese.

2004. Coordinator of the ‘Vivere Venezia 3’ project at Venice’s IUAV. The Wilhelm Hack Museum (Ludwigshafen) commissions a 10-metre sculpture to stand in the square alongside the museum. He is elected an Honorary Member of the Royal Designers for Industry (London).

2005. Exhibition of his work in the field of art and design at the Europäisches Industriemuseum (Plößberg) and the Fürstenberg Museum (Fürstenberg/Weser). The beginning of work on his project for Piazza Montegrappa in Varese.

2006. Show of selected works at Castello di Masnago (Varese). In Germany, designs the building for the Laura und Franz Leupoldt Stiftung Cultural Centre (Weissenstadt) and holds a show of his work at the new Ritter Museum (Waldenbuch).

2007. Exhibition of his work at the Museo del Design (Cantù). Designs a large sculpture to stand outside Munich’s Pinakothek der Moderne Kunst.

2008. Designs a refuse-recycling plant in Milan. In Venice, alongside work for the XI Architectural Biennale, holds an important exhibition at Ca’ Pesaro. With the addition of new works, this will in 2009. Move to the Neues Museum – Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design in Nürnberg.