Ca' Pesaro

Ca' Pesaro

Second floor

The Panza Donation. American Dialogues

Giuseppe Panza di Biumo (1923-2010), together with his wife Rosa, was one of the most important international collectors since the 1960s, a true talent scout for young American art.

As he himself described, in the autobiographical book of 2006, choices made over the years often took place in countertendency:

«Success comes with great delay. […] Probably when I no longer will be here to discuss these things, the art now neglected by critics, institutions, collectors, who are looking for contemporaneity, will have a different appreciation; no matter if I will not be there, today I just need to know that I’m making the best choices that my conscience makes possible.

Even then, I made difficult choices, by all, or almost everybody, rejected». In 2015, a significant group of works of art was donated by the Panza Collection to Fondazione Musei Civici for Ca’ Pesaro.

The room presents the work of one of the most radical sculptors of minimal art, Richard Nonas, alongside the artists collected by Giuseppe Panza in the 1990s, including Lawrence Carroll, whose surfaces and treating of the materials recall the Informal movement, Stuart Arends, author of small “sculpted jewels” that capture and give infinite hues and light refractions, and the youngest Gregory Mahoney, «a poet of nature, of nature that precedes life, which seems eternal».

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