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The Ca’ Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art is equipped with an important specialized library in particular relating to the art history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The Library has been put together randomly over the past 50 years. Almost all books were in fact received by Ca’ Pesaro as a homage on the part of the various national and foreign institutions and are today largely of scientific support to specific collections of the Gallery. In 2001, a process of reorganization and cataloging began in the SBN’s substantial assets (over 11,000 volumes) and a policy on the purchase and exchange of books was established, aimed to its coordination.

On the occasion of the public reopening of Palazzo Pesaro in 2002, the Library has started its activities on the mezzanine floor and continues its cataloging works. Due to the richness of its library materials aimed at deepening knowledge on art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (especially on exhibitions in Venice), the Library is regarded as an important reference center for all scholars of Modern and Contemporary Art, both Italian and international.


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